Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.

Ludwig van Beethoven

synthesizer music


The calming sound of this music helps you to relax, silence mental chatter and calm your emotions, just like the Japanese koi's. Release stress and anxiety as you overcome fears and connect with your own intuition. It’s a musical massage. 
Featured koto and shakuhachi (Japanese flute).


  • 00:00 Koi’s in the Zen Pond 
  • 06:53 Koi’s and Meditation 
  • 13:13 Moonshine (Claire de Lune) 
  • 19:21 Koi’s and Happiness 
  • 24:40 Gymnopédie n° 1 
  • 29:35 Koi’s and Wellness 
  • 35:13 The Chilling Koi’s  
  • 39:41 Gnossienne n° 1  
  • 44:23 Relaxing with Koi’s 
  • 50:33 The Koi and the Cosmos

Composed, arranged and performed by Surya Dorval excerpt compositions: 
Claire de Lune (Claude Debussy) 
Gymnopédie n°1 and Gnossienne n°1 (Erik Satie)

japanese koi fish