symphonic film music


I proudly present you some videos.
From symphonic orchestra with choir to sound design.  

As you will hear, different styles are covered but ​my specialty is symphonic orchestrations (with choir) in the hexatonic scale (hazy music)  sometimes mixed up with electronic elements.

I wish you a pleasant listening experience. ;) 

I create professional music for all types of films (movies), documentaries or atmospheric music in accordance with your wishes. The advantage is that with our material large costs, such as a symphonic orchestra, are limited. 

I also strive for a high dynamic sound, therefore I mix and produce my music myself with the help of European quality software which I encourage very much.

I accepts all genres. I compose what is told to me or what comes into my head. You will find many examples on this website, they are all different in styles.

I prefer to strive for a melodic music genre, composing melodies, arranged and writing them on staves is my passion.

I only work on a byout basis.

netflix documentaries

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softly notes music
softly notes music
softly notes music