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Anti virus Traveling Music

Racism is the cancer of our world that is very difficult to eradicate. Nobody has asked to be born, neither as male or female (still suppressed in many countries who is also a form of racism), nor as black, white, Asian characteristics or mixed blood.

Greed and jealousy also plays a big part in our world: be happy with what you have and made the most of it. As the Roman philosopher Lucas Annaeus Seneca says, "Happy is he who is satisfied with his own destiny, however that may be".

Everything in this world is connected: “bosses needs workforces, workforces needs bosses” regardless their skin color, sexes or religion.

We create music, without words, that is listenable to everyone. We hope you enjoy it.

All music is composed, arranged and performed by Jean Marie Dorval.

features: sampled instruments and synthesizers.

anti traveling music

Album Samples 

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Total Length: 1:02:30

Latin Cocktail Hour

This music is a cocktail of South American warm styles: tangos, sambas, milongas, cha-cha-chas, salsas etc ... Ideal (for the moment) to listen at home during your activities.

Besides Jean Marie Dorval (arranger and producer) there are several composers.

features: sampled accordion, bandoneon and synthesizers.

latin cocktail music

Album Samples 

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Total Length: 55:14

Classical Aquarium music

Who doesn't have an aquarium at home or who doesn't dream about it? This relaxing music is inspired among other things by classical composers, including 5 compositions by Jean Marie Dorval who arranged and performed all the tracks.

features: sampled accordion, harp and synthesizers.

classical aquarium music

Album Samples 

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Total Length: 1:01:39

Relaxing With Koi Fishes

The calming sound of this music helps you to relax, silence mental chatter and calm your emotions, just like the Japanese koi. Release stress and anxiety as you overcome fears and connect with your own intuition. It’s a musical massage.

All compositions by Jean Marie Dorval, exerpt Moonshion (Claude Debussy), Gymnopédie and Gnosienne (Erik Satie).

featured: sampled shakuhashi, koto and synthesizers

relaxing with koi fishes

Album Samples

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Total Length: 55:02